Index 2.0

This Section is reserved for USPs

this section will explain our mission statement and provide additional relevant information complementing the usps. Can be personal from jaclyn or a generic brand statement.

This section is reserved for reviews. The index page has more possibilities than a single page, therefore we are using plain text placeholders for now. Also, on the index page it is worth the effort to customize individual sections and give them slightly coloured backgrounds to keep them apart and make the flow more comprehensible on first glance.

The area below is a placeholder for Retailers. Makes sense to show where customers can find us, and it's also an image thing to show new customers, that well-known retailers are stocked with pumpkin organics products. We can solve this either by just showing their logos combined in 2 pictures, using logo lists, linking them to the real "händler" page on fresh, etc. ...

Below is a placeholder for categories. One idea was to show these in a slideshow only for product categories. We could also use the logo lists, but they are really small and visually not as impactful as a slideshow.

This section is for shop USPs and maybe even some repetition of climate neutral or similar. whatever style will be used for the usps up top, will be kept in the same style in this section.

The gallery below is used as content teaser for recipes, blog posts, social media, etc.

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