Warum Kürbis nicht nur besonders lecker, sondern auch ein echter Beauty-Booster ist

Warum Kürbis nicht nur besonders lecker, sondern auch ein echter Beauty-Booster ist


Dass der Kürbis für Jaclyn, unserer Gründerin eine ganz besondere Rolle spielt, liegt nicht nur daran, dass der Name einen erheblichen Teil unserer Brand "Pumpkin Organics" ausmacht. Schon als Kind erhielt sie den Kosenamen "Pumpkin" von ihrer Großmutter in Kanada und ihre Schwester "Buttercup". Wer hätte aber gedacht, dass Pumpkin, also Kürbis, nicht nur ein echt gesunder Leckerbissen ist, sondern auch ein wahrer Booster für die Haut! Jaclyn, möchte euch ihr neuestes Beauty-Geheimnis teilen. Und das nicht nur, weil es sich um eines ihrer Lieblingsgemüse "Kürbis" handelt...

Pumpkin face mask…yummmm

As you can imagine, I am a big believer in the benefits or eating pumpkin, but what I just learned recently are the amazing benefits of pumpkin for my skin!  I have vitiligo, a condition that affects the pigmentation in my skin. Needless to say, I am vey cautious on what I put on my skin, and my philosophy on everything is nature is best. So, in my many trial and error efforts, I have fallen in LOVE with pumpkin for my skin.
Trial and efforts you ask, this one was petty simple. Pumpkin was a first food for Olivia, and Florian, Olivia’s papa, taught her how to make and blow bubbles. So needless to face this new skill was especially fun during lunch time and lead to mama discovering the benefits of pumpkin for the skin.



Pumpkin is packed with antioxidants. We are exposed to free-radicals everywhere, the air, out diet, stress…you know, normal life! And these free-radicals cause real damage to your skin. So after reading how the antioxidants in pumpkin protect our skin, I tried out it as a home-made mask. 
Not exactly a mess-free process, but my skin felt amazing afterwards. As the pumpkin dried on my face, I felt a little like those mummies at Halloween, but the added benefit of roasting the left over pumpkin seeds make it all worthwhile!
Another benefit, pumpkins are full of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a key component for production of all that fabulous collagen that keeps our skin firm and elastic. I am a big believer in Vitamin C serum. Hmmmm… I wonder if I can stop the use of my expensive serum if I just add in pumpkin masks??
So, lessen the impact of free radicals, boosted my vitamin C and slowing the signs of again…and to think, it has been in my fridge everyday for the last 20 years!


Jaclyn xx


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