Wie Olivia zum Brokkoli kam und ich fast an meine Grenzen

Wie Olivia zum Brokkoli kam und ich fast an meine Grenzen

Unsere Gründerin Jaclyn liebt gesundes Gemüse und hat sich natürlich sehr auf den Tag gefreut ihrer kleinen Tochter Olivia die verschiedenen Sorten in den Beikostplan zu integrieren. Jedoch liegen Vorstellung und Wirklichkeit im Elternleben manchmal weit auseinander - besonders wenn es um die ersten Versuche geht, den kleinen Feinschmeckern neues Essen vorzustellen. Jaclyn berichtet in diesem Artikel darüber, wie sie ihrer kleinen Olivia zum ersten Mal Brokkoli gefüttert hat bzw. dem Kampf zwischen Olivia und dem grünen Gemüse. Hier könnt ihr lesen, wer am Ende "gewonnen hat".

Olivia v. Broccoli

Broccoli, an un-fairly misunderstood vegetable. Chalked so full of goodness, bright vibrant green in colour, so versatile to cook with, why is it one of the most polarizing vegetables. Ok, I admit the smell can be a little intense, but it is so nutritionally complete with protein, fiber, calcium, iron etc, that I am determined that it will be one of Olivia’s favorites.

Determination, such an interesting word. Olivia can sit up now, and her determination to crawl is just so incredible to watch. For hours every day, she gets on all fours, rocks back in forth, moves her upper body forward, clearly trying to understand her own gravity and sense of balance, smile, grunts with frustration, falls to the side, laughs, cries, rolls overs, looks around for encouragement, to which there is no shortage of loving ‘come to mama’s, ‘crawl to papa’s, ‘yeah, so proud fo you’ and on and on. She does this for hours every day…the pride in her eyes with every centimeter forward just makes my heart melt.

And so with this incredible sense of determination to crawl, so too was her determination not to eat the broccoli. So, Mama v. Baby…and the Battle of the Broccoli 2019 began. Again, I tried my everything in my playbook, but she is really on to me now. And between the pursing of her lips as I approach with the spoon of broccoli (to which I had a full smile and numerous attempted of yummy sounds), to her full body wiggling to the dinosaur-like sounds which clearly say ‘no, thank you’, there was no broccoli to be had at this lunch. So, I re-treated, determined to find a solution. Perhaps, it was not the right temperature, or a little to thick, or, which I could not image, she actually does not like broccoli.  AGGGGGHHHHHH….

A few days later, I tried a new plan, we had broccoli for breakfast, together. A bowl with two spoons, one for her and one for me.  And, just like that, the little lips parted, her face moved forward, and with excited anticipation she leaped onto the spoon full of broccoli. I waited, and waited and waited…for at least full two seconds, and was rewarded with such a big smile! And with my shoulders relaxed, she ate the whole bowl. Now, broccoli is a main ingredient for breakfast, sometimes I mix it with oats, sometime just plain, or like this morning mixed with pumpkin and oats. 

As with so many thing on this new journey called motherhood, timing is everything.


Jaclyn xx

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