Die unglaubliche Kraft meiner Tochter Olivia

Die unglaubliche Kraft meiner Tochter Olivia

Als Elternteil kennst du das gewiss: Tag für Tag erwarten einen neue, spannende und vor allem beeindruckende Überraschungen und Erkenntnisse, die der kleine Liebling da zu Tage legt. Auch unserer Gründerin und Mama Jaclyn geht es so mit ihrer kleinen Tochter Olivia. Und da sie ihre wunderbaren Erfahrungen gern mit euch teilen möchte, schreibt sie jede Woche einen kleinen Blogbeitrag über die erstaunlichen und einzigartigen Momente mit der kleinen Olivia. 

The green frog

Have you ever noticed how incredibly flexible our little ones are? Olivia is rolling around next to me, and doing what I can only describe as an advanced level Pilates routine. And, at the same time, chewing her favorite little green plastic frog. Her core strength is incredible, she lies on her back, and holds her legs out at a perfect 45 degree angle while holding her head up. Seriously, I don’t need to go to the Pilates class, I just need to follow her for 30 minutes!

She rolls over, she is now on her belly, and in the process the little green plastic frog leaped its way forward about 20 centimeters from her grabbing hands.  And as this is toy dejour, the challenge is on! She inching her way forward towards that little green plastic frog. She is six months now, not crawling, but rolling and wiggling in every which way. She goes from her playmat, to the carpet to the wood floor, with such determination and focus to catch that little green plastic frog it is admirable. She gets oh so close, her little chubby fingers tips extend her reach that extra few centimeters, and instead of being able to grab the little green plastic frog, she pushing it further away. And with a few hmmms and haaas, and she continues on her quest. Her feet are kicking, trying to propeller her forward, her arms reaching, almost swimming, and her belly wiggling. When you look at her, it is one coordinated cardio work out. I think I saw it actually in some new-age fitness magazine. 

After another few wiggles, she realizes that she has to get closer to grab the little green plastic frog. And as a very proud mama looking from the sidelines, smiling showing my loving support of her journey, she get in striking distance. And in one quick swing of her arm, much like the little green plastic frog would if it could, she grabs the little green plastic frog. 

Wow, she did it! It is just incredible watching her, her smile, such pride, her celebration, well lets just say the little green frog does not stand a chance!

Thinking about it, if we as adults acted with this clarity of focus and determination, we would solve many the problem ahead of us. Maybe we should all chase our little green plastic frogs😊

Jaclyn xx

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