Der Beikoststart von Olivia - ein lang erwarteter Tag für mich als Mama

Der Beikoststart von Olivia - ein lang erwarteter Tag für mich als Mama

In diesem Artikel berichtet euch unsere Gründerin und Mama Jaclyn über den ersten Beikostversuch mit ihrer kleinen Tochter Olivia. Selbstverständlich ein lang erwarteter Tag für Jalcyn, für die sich ihr ganzes Leben um die erste Nahrung der Kleinsten handelt und gern möchte sie ihre Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen mit ihrer kleinen Livi mit euch teilen. Jaclyn als Kanadierin fällt es am leichtesten ihre Gedanken und Emotionen in ihrer Muttersprache Englisch festhalten und so ungefiltert aus dem Leben als Mama von Olivia und Start-Up CEO zu berichten.

Olivia’s first food – a small step for her, a huge step for me!

I am sitting here on the floor, with my computer on my lap watching Olivia play with her piano and roll around.  She is singing, cooing, squawking, laughing, and just enjoying it all. I, on the other hand, am exhausted. We just had lunch.

A few days ago, a highly anticipated day, after five months of milk, it was time for Olivia’s first food – sweet potatoes. As a self-proclaimed foodie, and nutrition enthusiast, I diligently studied all the pros and cons of a first food – and without a doubt, sweet potatoes rose to the top of the list. Bright orange in colour, full of nutrients and a naturally sweet taste… a perfect choice! I bought the freshest, organic sweet potatoes I could find. Then, washed, rewashed and washed again.  Peeled them lovingly, as if the sweet potatoes could feel me peeling them, and then, I cut them in symmetrical little cubes to ensure that they all cooked evenly. 

I boiled the filtered water, and then one by one put the little pale orange cubes of healthy goodness tenderly into the water. I watched them, never left the side of the pot, no one was going to mess with my sweet potatoes!  Then, as they became this wonderfully bright orange colour, I carefully removed 5 little cubes with such pride.  Seriously, I had the same sense of accomplishment as when I cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20! 

But now for the complicated part, where things can go so wrong… blending the sweet potatoes with the exact right amount of water to create the perfect consistency. I thought to myself, I have one chance to get this right, otherwise, Olivia will never forgive me and hate sweet potatoes and ultimately, food for the rest of her life. Ok, self-confessed, a little over-dramatic but I am a first-time mom so a little creative licence is allowed. So, I go splash by splash…blend, splash, blend, splash, test, blend, test, splash, blend…and we are ready to go!

I spoon the sweet potatoes into the perfect dish of course, after putting them through the sterilizer and tried them myself with her little silicon spoon to make sure the temperature was just right. All seemed a go!  Now, we get Olivia, put on her bib, hold her, reassure her with an abundance of ‘yummmyyyy’ and ‘mommy and daddy love sweet potatoes’, we finally bring the spoon to little waiting, wide-open mouth. 

You can just hear her; it is about time mom and dad. And in one big bite, the first bite of sweet potato is down.  Daddy and I wait, look at each other, wait for what seemed an eternity for any little sign of happiness, love, excitement, ‘more’…and after a few seconds, her little mouth opened again.  Woohoo, we did it!  Daddy and I start congratulating each other, thinking, wow, this is incredible, she loves food! She proceeded to eat the whole bowl…we were so proud.  Between taking photos and videos and congratulating Olivia on her wonderful accomplishment, we were excited!

Then, the next day, we lovingly prepared the next portion…beaming with happiness, confident it would only take a few minutes to feed her the sweet potatoes. And oh, were we wrong!  She would not eat one single bite. Her lips were pursed so tightly, the sign was clear, no sweet potatoes today.  Discouraged, but not destroyed…we tried again, different consistencies, temperatures, bowls, spoons, and plenty of airplane, buzzing bee and choo choo sounds…yet, nothing worked. She won, no sweet potatoes today. The next day, the same thing…no love at all. With a little apprehension, we tried again on day three, and woohoo, finally there was sweet potato love, a whole bowl full. Thank goodness!  Ok, first food check-in done, now on to peas! Stay tuned 🙂

Jaclyn xx

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